Ninjas,weapons and myths

The world may think that the existence of ninjas is a myth but ninjas did exist in the earlier days like in 1500 AD  in Japan. They were covert and agents trained to kill and spy people. As time passed all the ninjas died and now whats left of them is a myth. Some legendary abilities purported to be in the province of ninja training include invisibilitywalking on water, slitting into mutiple bodies and control over the natural elements. Ninjas were high ninjutsu and killer skills. Shinobis used extended spears, extremely shard swords, shurikens and killer class. their outfit was black to vanish into the darkness along or.with sometimes heavy body armor.


Ninja Gaiden 3

Koalas – Shamans of sexiness

Koala is the most beautiful Australian animal that feds on eucalyptus leaves. The word koala in its aborigine language means ‘ no drink’ or ‘no water’ . It is a herbivore mammal weighing  at max 10 kg and has a life span of maximum 20 years. They are nocturnal and spend most of their lives sleeping on trees. High temperatures can dehydrate koalas but eucalyptus leaves keep the fit. Koalas have a strong taste of smell of these leaves that drive their minds crazy. They are said to have great affection with their close ones.

The big soulful eyes of a koala stare at visitors in the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, Queensland,Australia.


Natural disasters

Natural disasters are major catastrophic events that occur on Earth randomly due to bizarre weather changes and geographical condition of the planet. It may cause a great deal of life or property damage.

There are many types of natural disasters. Here area few of them!



Words Have Power!






The Extinction Crisis

Our planet is now in the midst of its sixth mass extinction of plants and animals — the sixth wave of extinctions in the past half-billion years. We’re currently experiencing the worst spate of species die-offs since the loss of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Although extinction is a natural phenomenon, it occurs at a natural “background” rate of about one to five species per year. Scientists estimate we’re now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day]. It could be a scary future indeed, with as many as 30 to 50 percent of all species possibly heading toward extinction by mid-century.



Its not about having a great mind but using it greatly.

Thinking skills are the mental processes that we apply when we seek to make sense of experience.It is apparent that better thinking will help us to learn more from our experience and to make better use of our intelligence.

It has always been the central aim of education to improve the quality of thinking because better thinking will not only enable us to become more successful at learning but will also equip us for life, enabling us to realise our own potential and to contribute to the development of a modern society.

Edward de Bono’s “Thinking hats” is a simple but useful approach that can be used in the classroom to ensure that issues are addressed from a variety of perspectives.



There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

Flowers are the specialized plant structures which produce pollen and where seeds develop within an enclosing fruit. Each seed (like the faba bean seeds at the right) contains a baby plant.

The baby plant (plant embryo), and its surrounding seed, cannot develop unless pollen is transferred from the pollen-producing parts of the flower to the parts which contain ovules, which can become seeds.

beautiful yellow flowers 1


Adverse effects of Smoking

Smoking is inhaling of tobacco smoke and it is alternative to narcotics .smoking is injurious to health and it will harm you slowly and day by day. Its effects come over the body and your health slowly but the results could be very dangerous .the smoker thinks that he is doing a thing which doesn’t have any effects because he is addicted to that. Once a smoker starts smoking becomes very difficult for him to keep away from it.

Half of the young generation is addicted to this slow poison and they don’t want to hear anything about this.

Smoker’s thoughts about Smoking:

A smoker thinks that what he is doing is not bad. And he thinks that smoking is the only thing which can reveal his tensions and make him relax .and he can focus on his work more particularly.

Bad effects of smoking:

Smoking is known as a slow poison and it contain carbon mono oxide which reduces the blood capability to carry oxygen. It can cause clotting in your valves of heart which can lead to heart attack. Many types of cancers are attached with the smoking like lung cancer, mouth cancer and throat cancer. We can remain safe from smoking by following direction of your doctor or having a good company.

Smokers always remain young:

I heard people saying that a smoker never gets old. When I asked them how they answered that due to smoking he dies in young age instead of getting old and it’s a truth. Smoking is a poison to your health and can lead you to death that’s why it’s our duty to keep our selves and others aware of smoking and its effects.


Alien Invasions

Many movies and novels have been published on the alien invasions which have same kind of thing like. Humans progressed so much in the technology that the aliens came from different planets like Venus, Mars etc to raid the earth and take all the stuff they have.

They harvest humans to feed their selves and they just came on earth to take over humans  and their technology and powers like nuclear power and their weapons. But I think fiction is far away from the reality there is no sure answers about the aliens that they exists or not or they will ruin our planet or they can take over humans.


     In 1892, Robert Potter, an Australian clergyman, published The Germ Growers in London. It describes a covert invasion by aliens who take on the appearance of human beings and attempt to develop a virulent disease to assist in their plans for global conquest. It was not widely read, and consequently Wells’ vastly more successful novel is generally credited as the seminal alien invasion story. Wells had already proposed another outcome for the alien invasion story in The War of the Worlds. When the Narrator meets the artilleryman the second time, the artilleryman imagines a future where humanity, hiding underground in sewers and tunnels, conducts a guerrilla war, fighting against the Martians for generations to come, and eventually, after learning how to duplicate Martian weapon technology, destroys the invaders and takes back the Earth.

  Six weeks after publication of the novel, the Boston Post newspaper published another alien invasion story, an unauthorized sequel to The War of the Worlds, which turned the tables on the invaders. Edison’s Conquest of Mars was written by Garrett P. Serviss, a now little-remembered writer, who described the famous inventor Thomas Edison leading a counterattack against the invaders on their home soil. Though this is actually a sequel to Fighters from Mars, a revised and unauthorised reprint of War of the Worlds, they both were first printed in the Boston Postin 1898.

   The War of the Worlds was reprinted in the United States in 1927, before the Golden Age of science fiction, by Hugo Gernsback in Amazing Stories. John W. Campbell, another key editor of the era, and periodic short story writer, published several alien invasion stories in the 1930s. Many well-known science fiction writers were to follow, including Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, Clifford Simak, plus Robert A. Heinlein who wroteThe Puppet Masters in 1953. 


Possessions, Demons and Dark spirits

Spirit possession is a believe that animas extra terrestrials demons can take over the body many religions include Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and many more religions believe in spirit possession

Evil forces and dark spirits are around us but we cannot see them for sure because our eye does not have enough power to see the creatures else than humans or living organisms which we can see with a normal eye.

I usually heard from different persons that this guy is possessed or that girl has some evil spirit .she behaves strangely and many other things like that.

Thoughts of people about them:

People says that he have evil spirit in it. They say that he get possessed because he recalled the spirits by unfair means or the place where they lived have some deaths happened their due to which the lost souls wandering in that place took the body of that person to feed their selves.

Behavioral changes in the possessed person:

The person possessed got behavioral changes in it like some times when the spirits take over his body the way he talks changes the way he behave also become strange, sometimes the spirit speaks in the body of possessed one. Mental illness also can occur in this.

Types of spirits and possessions:

Almost every religion believes that spirits are of different kind like the culture where you live and the language people speak is the language of the spirits. Spirits are also cultured one they live like the culture they have. Demons also have religions they can be Muslims Jewish Christians etc. the worst thing about the demons is that they lie. They lie too much about their religion and what are they in real.

About the possessions now, possessions are of two types one is automated type and the other one is people do using black magic due to their greed, hunger of money and many other like that.

Reviews of the doctors and solutions to it:

Different doctors have different views some doctors say that a spirit enters the body due to some strange reasons like the person would’ve killed that person and his spirit came for the revenge , or the spirit enters the body to tell her or his story that what happened to him to find justice.

Usually people got scare of the spirits because they are damn horrible to see. But they are much more different than the one shown in the movies now a day. Many movies and documentaries have been made since a long ago to guide the humanity about the demons, the spirits and the possessions.