Most precious gems of the world!

1.  Jadeite – $3 million + per carat




Top 10 largest armies of the world

1. China 



Deadly Ebola Virus!

Ebola virus disease (EVD), formerly known as Ebola hemorrhagic fever, is a severe, often fatal illness in humans.This disease transmitted by animals and humans. Scientists initially detected the Ebola virus disease  in 1976 in Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Researchers named the disease after the Ebola River that flows in the Congo.

Although the Ebola virus has been present for more than 35 years, an outbreak occurred in March 2014 that began in West Africa. This outbreak has proven more deadly, severe, and widespread than previous outbreaks.

Being acellular, viruses such as Ebola do not replicate through any type of cell division; rather, they use a combination of host to spread and kill. These then self-assemble into viral macromolecular structures in the host cell. The virus completes a set of steps when infecting each individual cell.

There is no known cure for this fatal disease that eats away its victims in its sufferings.



Best pickup lines ever invented!

1.    Girl are you WIFI, because I am feeling a connection right now.


2.    Baby when I look into your eyes , I see the whole world.


3.   Girl, if You Were Words on a Page, You’d Be FINE Print.

4.   If Looks Could Kill, You’d Be a Weapon of Mass Destruction.”

5.  Hey girl I know I’m no Fred flintstone but I can make your bedrock.


6.  Me:  I can’t wait to wake up tomorrow.
Girl:   Why??
Me:   Because I swear you get more beautiful everyday.


Most beautiful trees of the world!



Flame of the Forest  



Funny pictures that will make you laugh out loudly!


Benefits of Drinking Hot Water

Where there is water, there is life. Water is one of the most essential substance for life, without drinking a glass of water 2 or 3 days none of us could survive. Doctors recommend us to drink 8 to 10 glasses water daily to stay healthy and nutritious but do they tell us to drink hot water rather than cold water. Hot water has numerous benefits to human body and it helps us keep fit. The following are some benefits:

1. Detoxification of the body:

Drinking hot water increases the body temperature which in return helps in the removal of toxins in internal system faster.

2. Better Digestion:

Hot water speeds up digestion by breaking the oils present in consumed food that can create a fat deposit in our intestine causing problem in our digestion.

3. Promotes weight loss:

Hot water is an excellent solution if you want to lose a few pounds. It breaks down the adipose tissues lying under the skin which shapes our body smarter.

4. Heals throat congestion:

Hot water dissolves cough or phlegm of a sore & cold throat and eliminates it.

5.  Makes skin look younger and better:

By flushing toxins from the body it frees our skin from harmful radical. As a result our skin starts  to repair, look better and free from infection.

6. Promotes hair growth:

Hot water provides great energy to hair cells which hasten up their process of production.


Origami – The Art of Paper Folding

Ori meaning paper and gami meaning folding is the Japanese traditional art of paper folding which took its roots as early in the 17 century. Origami is a very fun way transforming something which very simple – a sheet of paper, to something very complex and manifold- a beautifully structure design of an animal or thing.

It contains a number of number of folds like the valley and mountain fold that are used in variety of ways to design amazing structures. Gluing and cutting doesn’t include in origami, they come under kirigami.

The following are some of the structures that can be made by origami paper:

1. Origami swan

2. Origami crane

3. origami turtle

4. Origami elephant

5. Origami star


Chinese Herbal Treatment

Chinese herbal treatments aims to restore balance and stability in human body, to strengthen and provide peace and happiness to the human being.

Thousands of medicinal substances are used in China, today, most of which have plant origin. These are called herbs,  the uses and healing effects, which the so called hunters discovered in ancient times dating as back to 200 BC. The classic Chinese book on medicinal herbs was written during the Ming Dynasty (1152-1578) by Li Shi-Zhen

Many western doctors prefer herbal treatment rather than antibiotics or other medicines that doctors usually prefer because of the unique curing effects of light and magical herbs that cures the person in such a way without any overdose or excessiveness.

The following are some of the illnesses which are cured by herbal treatment:

Fatigue and Lethargy


Digestive disorders

Common cold and influenza
Chronic headaches
Skin disorders

Anxiety, depression and stress

Premenstrual syndrome and painful menstruation
Excessive menstruation

common chinese herbs and medicine

Benefits of Learning Another Languange

1. Memory is Boosted

Learning a new language boosts memory as the brain creates new patterns and receives information , the power of association increases. Brain growth increases and vital areas of the brain grow. According to neurologists, our mental activity results in our brain activity.

The brain is a powerful tool, the more you use it, the better it becomes.

2. It delays Alzheimer and Dementia

According to a recent research in 2012, no other factor but learning a new languages delays Alzheimer and dementia as long as five years.

3. Explore new cultures

Learning a new language grants the opportunity to explore new culture and go deeper inside and see the hidden beauty in them as if you have another soul.

“To have another language is to possess a second soul.” –Charlemagne

4. Multitasking becomes better

Bilingual people can switch from one task to another more quickly. They adapt information more quickly and their linking of thing becomes faster.

5. Mind becomes sharper

According to a research in Spain, bilingual people are faster in detecting deceptions and/or flaws. Their recognition skill increases to a great extent.